Waragai Lab. 2017


20 students from Japan, Germany and Australia participated in this year’s Waragai Lab. seminar from April to July 2017. We held individual research and group work presentations. Please check the following website for details: Waragai Lab.
This seminar would not be held during the next two semesters (Autumn Semester 2017 and Spring 2017) due to Prof. Waragai’s sabbatical. Students who wish to participate after her sabbatical term, please contact Prof. Waragai per email.


Best Paper Award KCIC 2016


On November 17th 2016, Yukiko Sato, current Ph.D. candidate (2nd year) and research assistant at Keio University has achieved a “Best Paper Award” at the Knowledge Creating and Intelligent Computing (KCIC) international conference held in Indonesia. Her research paper titled:

The Function of Religious Language in the Media: A Comparative Analysis of the Japanese, German and American Newspaper Coverage about the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami

was published in the research journal of

International Journal on Advanced Science, Engineering and Information Technology (April 2017)

Please click the following link to read her paper:
Y. Sato, I. Waragai (2017): The Function of Religious Language in the Media